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Nova Scotia Bad Credit Car Loan

Canada Car Credit has been helping Nova Scotia residents with credit troubles since 1996.

For most people a car is not a luxury, but rather a necessity. An example of this would be a shift worker needing to get to work when public transit isn't running. Can you imagine a soccer mom with three kids taking the bus and hauling all the equipment? Of course not! That's where we come in. Our talented credit specialists can match your situation to the right lender and get you the best rates and terms available.

Turned down before?

No problem! There are a number of Nova Scotia lending companies that do not deal directly with the public, but they work through our car dealer network. These lenders and banks approve bad credit loans, no credit auto financing along with bankruptcy loans and approving individuals who are in a consumer proposal.

Fill out our short simple application and you could be driving in less than 24 hours!

Our Auto Finance and Leasing Programs not only get you driving - they also help you build your credit or fix bad credit.

The Loan Approval is 100% FREE and you are under NO OBLIGATION to accept the loan.

This is a comprehensive list of cities, towns and communities in Nova Scotia where Canada Car Credit can approve your bad credit auto loan.


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