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Guaranteed Auto Loans Approved in Canada

Is Guaranteed Auto Loan Approval a Scam?

You've seen the ads for Guaranteed Car Loans, you applied and then they turned you down? Did they explain all your options to you?

On most occasions we can get you approved for auto financing with no down payment or very little money down. In some situations where your credit has been recently bruised the average lender or loan company will turn you down as your credit problems were too recent.

There are a number of ways we can guarantee a car loan approval and we will illustrate a few examples here, but firs I will share a true story.

In 1996 (I remember because it was the year my first daughter was born) I was visiting a colleague in Mississauga Ontario at the leasing company where he worked. A shady looking character came in to pick up the brand new Chevrolet Corvette he ordered. My friend had a funny grin on his face so I asked what was up?

My friend explained that this guy had been bankrupt and had spent a bit of time in prison. No bank or lending company would have anything to do with him. In his case he came in with a down payment of $20,000! The leasing company decided that with a down payment that large, if he defaulted in the future and they had to repossess the car, they still would be profitable - or in other words they would not take a loss.

OK, so how many people can come up with a down payment that large? Not many, but at the same time not all of us would choose such an expensive vehicle. The first and most important part of a guaranteed approval for auto financing is to select the Right Lender!

We deal with them all. From the major banks to lenders that approve car loans for bankruptcy, financing for bad credit, consumer proposal, collections, slow credit and all other situations. Experience and connections make a difference in our business. After we match you with the right lender, then you will be advised to select a vehicle in a certain age/year range and mileage.

Lenders want you to select the right vehicle with the mileage and age according to the their specifications, then with a down payment we can guarantee to get you approved.

The amount of down payment varied depending on the age and mileage of the vehicle.

Another way to guarantee auto financing is with a strong co-signer. If you have bad credit or no credit a co-signer with average or good credit will not only get you approved for sure, but it will also get you lower interest rates for the car loan.

Finally, sometimes a letter from your employer can make a world of difference and tip the scales in your favour.

Apply now and get more info.


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