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Canada Car Credit Auto Financing Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Need an answer before you apply.

If you have any questions not answered here, please contact us and we will try to answer them.

Other companies have rejected my application for a loan before. Are you different?

Yes. Unlike most companies, we have access to several lenders that do not deal directly with the public who are willing to offer loans to people who have been previously rejected. This includes lenders who do not deal with all car dealerships due to strict regulations.

Do I need a Down Payment?

In many cases you do not need a down payment.

Do I need a Co-Signer?

We always try to get you approved on your own first. We only ask for a co-signer as a last resort.

How much cash do I need to put down?

You can put down as much or as little cash as you want. We finance loans with no money down - no down payment down while still giving you low monthly payments.

Do I get to choose my car or is one presented to me?

You absolutely get to choose the vehicle of your choice. The only stipulation is that is must come from one of our affiliated dealers.

I owe more money on the car I am driving than it is worth - Can you help?

Absolutely! This is called being upside down in your and is quite common. We can transfer the amount owing on to your new car loan.

Once I get approved - how long is the approval good for?

This depends on the bank or lender. Usually an approval is good for 1-3 months depending on the lending company.



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